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Treblinka Am I - $40 digital download - parts and score

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A setting of the song, Treblinka Am I, sung by the Jewish people enslaved in the Polish ghetto Triblinka by their Nazi invaders. Most did not survive as they were sent to concentration camps for their slavery work camps, and ultimate, extermination. The song weeps as women were offered three kilos of bread to get onto the trains that would be driving them to their death. There not far, the Umschlagplatz lies waiting. There people push and shove for space in the rail cars. There you hear the sound of a child crying to it's mother. Why are you leaving me. The police roughly shout the order go. You won't feel a bit hungry. But those with three kilos of bread.. They did not know that they were being driven to their death. There lies Treblinka, for everyone a final resting place. Never came back again. Who ever goes there never cones back. The heart weeps when one recalls a sister or brother who were murdered there. The train is ready and there is only one thing to say: FROM TREBLINKA AM I. My object in this composition is first a statement against hate and prejudice. It is also an effort to create a curriculum to be taught in American schools that reminds us all of our history and what we have fought for. There is much revisionist history today, and we can look to our simple folk songs to really discover the truth. We can say that the War between the states was an economic war, but the reality is that that this economic explanation was centered upon a model where slavery was the core engine of the Southern economy and having a group of oppressed people to maintain that economic base. There are also efforts of revisionist to deny that millions of Jews were murdered by the German Nazi. This is why we must hold on the these anthems. To see, to feel, to perhaps remotely understand what we fought our wars for and against. So in short, I think that music must have a social and political relevance, and in a proper curriculum should be taught side by side with history. PDF file will be emailed within 2 business days of placing order. Thank you for your patience